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Benefits of Giving
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1.  A gift to the Anglo-American Charity allows a UK tax payer to increase the value of his gift significantly as the charity can reclaim 23% of the value of the gift from the Inland Revenue.
2. A UK taxpayer paying the "higher rate" of tax (currently 40%) can reclaim 18% of the UK income tax paid on the nominal amount of the gift. 
3.  A gift made by a US tax payer will result in a deduction on his Federal tax return to the extent permissible.
4.  A gift to the Anglo-American Charity will be excluded from the donor's UK estate (and US estate, if applicable).
5.  The Anglo-American Charity can accept gifts of marketable securities, allowing a donor to give highly appreciated securities without capital gains consequences.  Minimum gift is $5,000.00 for securities.  Please note that gifts of securities are not eligible for Gift Aid.
6.  The Anglo-American Charity can accept gifts offshore of "unremitted" funds, which depending on the donor's tax status may be eligible for Gift Aid Reclaim 

Hypothetical Example

(35% US tax bracket)


Donation to US charity directly of $10,000

US Charity receives              $10,000

US tax deduction                   Nil to $3,500*

UK tax deduction                   Nil


Donation to US charity via The Anglo-American Charity Ltd. of $10,000


US charity receives               $12,820**

US tax deduction                    Nil to $4,490*

UK tax deduction
(higher rate taxpayers only)    $2,310




To Charity                               $2,820*

To Donor                                 $2,310 to $6,800


 *Although deductible for US tax purposes, there may be little or no net tax benefit due to the interaction with tax credits and equalisation policies.


**The extra benefit occurs as a result of UK Gift Aid rules that allow The Anglo-American Charity to reclaim 28% of UK tax paid by the donor from earned income from the Inland Revenue, upon receipt of a completed Gift Aid form from the donor. This benefit, after a deduction of a small administration charge (no more than 4%) will be passed along to charity.


You should consult with your tax advisor to confirm the net benefit which you will obtain for US and UK tax purposes.

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